Living sustainably at university doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are many actions you can take, big and small, that are environmentally friendly and money saving. With the cost of living continuing to have a big impact on finances, here are some tips to help cut your spending:

Choose vegan or vegetarian meals

Vegan and vegetarian meals are cheaper than meat options across all University outlets. With lectures, seminars, and society events well under way, it’s likely you’re on campus more and need good food to get you through the day. For nutritious and meat-free hot meals under £3, such as curries, pasta bakes and jacket potatoes, check out Super Savour Kitchen in Devonshire House (DH2). Cross Keys also serves a £2 dish of the day and a £2 breakfast deal where you can get a facon bap with filter coffee or tea (the latter is also available at COMIDA).

COMIDA Express bakes, baps, baguettes, doughnuts, cookies and cakes behind a transparent counter

If you’re looking for something tasty on the go, visit the newly opened COMIDA Express, which has a variety of vegan and vegetarian baps, baguettes, and bakes.

The price of meat in supermarkets has risen significantly over the last few years, so increasing your plant-based dishes at home could also be beneficial. With World Vegan month coming up in November, there’s no better time to get involved and try new recipes.

Buy from Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go sells Surprise Bags of unsold packaged and fresh food at a reduced price to help combat food waste. A range of restaurants, supermarkets and bakeries in Exeter are on the Too Good To Go app, including the University’s Market Place Forum, so if you’d like food for less, download the app.

Use reusable cups and containers

Cut down on single-use material with reusable cups and containers; when you bring a reusable coffee cup to a University outlet selling BARiSCA hot drinks, you can get 40p off your order too! Don’t have your own? Find reusable cups made of rice husk and coffee waste husk in Market Place Forum and Forum Kitchen. Long-lasting and microwavable eco-containers are also sold in Market Place Forum, so if you’d like to meal prep for the week or have leftovers you want to heat up on campus, these are ideal.

To store food in your home without having to buy more containers, clean and reuse food packaging like ice cream tubs, jam jars and bottles.

Shop local on campus

Save on transport costs and cut your carbon footprint by shopping local. The University also works with suppliers who are passionate about the environment and have partnered with sustainable local producers; more than 431 South West products are on the supply list, so there are plenty of options if you’re looking to make more sustainable choices in our outlets.

Sign up for Green Rewards

Get rewarded for living sustainably with the Green Rewards app.

Green Rewards is a platform that encourages you to form sustainable habits with regular activities that earn you Green Points. The top 4 users with the most points each month will receive a £20 voucher which you can choose to get from Sancho’s, Zero Exeter, un_rap or Love2Shop, saving you money on your favourite brands.

Green Rewards