In today’s blog, new team member and recent graduate, Emily, points out the advantages of buying a Meal Package Card.

Picture this: you’re on Streatham campus with three assessments on the go and an empty cup of Barisca coffee. It’s 6pm and the hunger is starting to kick in. You could go home but you’re in self-catered accommodation and your designated cupboard and fridge space only has a can of beans, an instant noodle pot and milk. You’d rather have something freshly made, like pan-fried salmon or cottage pie. A food shop is possible, but you don’t have much time. Then you remember; you have a Meal Package Card.

What is a Meal Package Card?

As a self-catered individual, the card is your golden ticket to eating in catered residences – Holland Hall, Lopes Hall and Birks Grange – alongside your catered friends. Best of all, there’s no washing up afterwards.

With just one card priced at £36, you can have 7 meals any days of the week, whether you fancy pancakes for breakfast, lasagne for dinner (plus a side dish and dessert!) or brunch on the weekends. That’s just over £5 per meal – not much for the price of letting someone else do all the work.

What if I have particular requirements?

Most food is self-serve, which means you’re in control of what’s on your plate, and with a varied menu, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, gluten, dairy and nut free, we’ve got you covered.

Every Tuesday is also dedicated to tasting international cuisine so prepare to be transported, and let’s not forget, special occasions such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day have themed menus too.


Want your own Meal Package Card?

Visit the University’s Online Store here. There’s no limit to the number of cards you can buy, so if you can’t get enough of the food, you can always go back for more with another card.

For additional information on eating in catered residences and Term 1 menus, check out our Catered Residences webpage.

Bon appetite!