Hello everyone! Last week, the Accommodation Office supported a series of online undergraduate Offer-Holder Visit Days. While it was sad that we didn’t get to show off our beautiful campus in the glorious April sunshine, it did give us the opportunity to speak with a truly global audience, and interact with prospective students who would, under normal circumstances, not have been able to attend a Visit Day. So, we thought it might be helpful if today’s blog pulled together some of the frequently asked questions from the events.

When can I apply for accommodation?
Once you have firmly accepted your offer to study at the University of Exeter you will be able to create your accommodation account and apply online. Our application system is now open. Find out more about how to apply.

When is the application deadline?
Our accommodation guarantee ends 31 July 2020 so you should apply before this date. While you can still apply after this time, you would not be guaranteed accommodation so we cannot guarantee to be able to make you an offer. Find out more about our accommodation guarantee.

Can I apply for accommodation if Exeter is my insurance choice?
You can only apply once Exeter has been made your Firm choice so in most cases this would be after our guarantee period has ended. Find out more about applying from 1 August onwards.

Why are catered contracts 32 weeks but most self-catered contracts 40 weeks long?
Our catered accommodation is only open during term time, so 32 weeks covers that time period. During Christmas and Easter vacation, the room is not yours and you have to move out. Self-catered contracts cover term time plus the Christmas and Easter vacation, so they are a minimum of 40 weeks (some are longer, depending on the residence). So for self-catered, once you get your keys in September, the room is then yours until the end of the contract.

Is storage provided for catered students’ belongings during the vacations?
We are unable to provide storage for your belongings, but there are several local storage companies who would be able to assist. We have a list of suggested companies under “Storage” on our Residents Information webpage.

Is catered accommodation suitable for vegetarians/vegans/gluten-free diets?
A vegetarian option is always available. We aim to cater for all, so if you have any other dietary requirements then you would be invited to meet with the catering team so that they could discuss the menus and your needs and come to a mutual plan of action. Please note that allergens are present in the kitchens the team operate in and whilst every care is taken to prevent cross-contamination if you had a severe food allergy then you would be advised to consider whether catered accommodation would be suitable for you. Find out more about catered halls.

My course is split between Streatham and St Luke’s – which residence would you suggest is best for me?
This is really down to personal preference as you are able to select any of the residences as your application preferences; we do not allocate based on your course. We have a recent blog post which focuses entirely on this question so we would suggest taking a read: Exeter – a two campus city.

Will the new residences be ready for September?
Moberly will open for the new 2020/21 academic year. The progress with the development at East Park is being managed at a very senior level in the University at the moment. We will communicate any updates, if the opening of the residence was to be delayed. If you have applied under our accommodation guarantee then you will still be guaranteed a bedspace.

What are the chances of getting my first choice of residence? 
This depends on which residence you have put down as your first preference and how many applications we receive with that same first preference; this is not something we will know until after the guarantee deadline. Last year, 62% of applicants we allocated to their first preference of residence (not necessarily room type), and 75% were allocated to one of their four preferences – but with new residence options this year we cannot predict how this may change. Typically, Lafrowda, Rowe House and St German’s are the most popular self-catered residences, and Holland Hall and Pennsylvania Court for catered.

How do you allocate the accommodation?
We allocate according to the residence preferences chosen on your application form; looking at availability in your first preference residence to start with. We then take a look at any additional preferences, such as single gender or quiet, to place you with like minded people. We also consider your interests and hobbies. Find out more about our room allocation procedure.

When do you find out what accommodation you have been allocated to? 
If you are waiting on exam results and your offer status becomes Unconditional Firm in August then we will send offers in batches starting from the week commencing Monday 17 August through to early September. If your offer status is Unconditional Firm prior to August then we will begin processing applications in May and send offers between June and September. Find out about when to apply and when you will hear.

I hope these Q & A’s have been useful, but if you have any other questions then you can still contact us. The best way at the moment is to email us via sid@exeter.ac.uk and use the subject of “Accommodation query”.

Accommodation Meridith