Good morning everyone! Welcome to today’s blog. Last week we delved into our catered accommodation. We love to talk about food on this blog and today we will be looking at the other side of things with an insight into our Self-catered residences.

What are the benefits of living in self-catered accommodation?

Shopping and cooking for yourself is a great skill to acquire for life post-university. You learn a lot about budgeting, what you like to cook and when you want to eat.

If you are living in catered accommodation you will need to stick to  set mealtimes. These timings can be quite restrictive during your first year. We usually recommend that if you’re doing a course with late lectures and workshops (such as medicine or drama) that you choose self-catered accommodation so that you can get the most out of your contract. Additionally if you are involved in sports or societies, you may find yourself struggling to meet evening meal times. In self-catered accommodation your meals are completely flexible. If you fancy eating at 1am… Why not? And if you don’t want  to have breakfast until lunchtime, it’s also up to you!

Another thing to consider is the choice of food available. Whilst our catered accommodation offers a fantastic variety of options, if you’re a fussy eater or have certain dietary requirements then you may be better off cooking for yourself. This will include shopping and washing up, but you won’t need to worry about missing out on variety and will get a lot more for your money!

Many students that live in shared accommodation find that the kitchen area is the social area of their flat or house. Cooking meals together is a great way to socialise as well as helping you to save money.

What is available for self-catered accommodation?

A list of our self-catered residences is available here.
We have 3 options available: En-suite, standard and studio.

Shared kitchens (En-suite and Standard) have a cooker with oven, hob and grill, microwave, fridge/freezer, water boiler/kettle, dining table and chairs, and an ironing board. You will need to bring pots and pans, cutlery and crockery.

Studio kitchens have a microwave or combi-oven, hob, fridge with freezer compartment, water boiler or kettle. Our studios at Birks Grange Village and Lafrowda also have a dining table and chairs.

Need a day off from cooking?

The University campus has a huge variety of food outlets across campus which offer takeaway options. Isca eats also deliver a fantastic range of foods straight to your accommodation door! You   can additionally food delivered from a variety of restaurants around the city or treat yourself to an evening out in town for a meal.

Have a good think about what will suit your catering needs best.

Flatmate Finder Event

On Tuesday 2nd February 19:00-20:00 over Zoom a few of our Residence Life Mentors will be hosting an event for students to connect with others if they are looking for flatmates for next year. You can find more information on our events calendar here

Thank you for reading today’s blog and we hope you have a lovely week!

Accommodation Shannon