Good morning everyone,
Welcome to today’s prospective student blog. Last week we went through our Accommodation Guarantee. Over the next few weeks we are going to look into our various types of accommodation available in further detail. This week we will summarise what we have to offer you.

 Types of Accommodation:

Standard rooms have a shared kitchen. Bathroom facilities are shared with other residents.

En-suite rooms have your own bathroom but you will share you kitchen facilities with others in your flat.

Houses are available to undergraduates in Birks Grange Village and St David’s, these are standard rooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen in a house-style living environment.   

Twin rooms are available in some of our catered halls have shared twin rooms. However, with covid-19 advice changing regularly, we do not know whether these will be in use for 2021/22.

Studios are a self-contained bedroom with a kitchen area and en-suite bathroom including shower, washbasin and toilet.

Catered Accommodation

Catered accommodation is available to our undergraduate students only. It includes standard,en-suite and twin room options.

Our catered accommodation webpages contain extensive information including sample menus to see the different catered residences and rooms available. All catered accommodation contracts are 32 weeks, which means that you will need to vacate during the holidays. 

The rent for our catered residences includes sixteen meals per week at set meal times within your allocated dining hall.

This includes breakfast and an evening meal (Monday to Friday) and a continental breakfast, brunch and an evening meal on the weekends. Students are also given access to a utility area and are provided with a mini fridge within their room in order to make lunches and snacks.

Self-Catered Accommodation

Self-catered accommodation is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Accommodation is available on both campuses and off-campus. There is the choice of standard, en-suite, townhouses and studios.

Self-catered accommodation offers a more flexible lifestyle as you choose when and what you wish to eat. It gives students access to a communal kitchen area (unless you’re living within a studio where you will have access to your own kitchen space). Self-catered accommodation contracts are usually between 40-51 weeks and you do not need to leave the accommodation during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Thank you for reading todays blog, next week we will be looking in further detail at catered accommodation to give you as much information as possible. Have a great week!

Accommodation Shannon