We have organised a series of lectures about Mathematical Biology for the summer term of 2014-2015. Please follow this page for the lecture notes, time and places, and ask Harun Baldemir if you have any queries or suggestions.  

BIFURCATION THEORY . ( Lecture notes  for 1st and 2nd lectures – neurolecture )

  • 1st lecture: Jan Sieber. 28th April, Tuesday at 2-3pm, H-215. The first series of the lectures is about “Bifurcation theory”. Most concept is explained using the I_Na,p + I_ K model introduced in Izhikevich’s book “Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience”. Topics include bifurcation of fixed points(fold and Hopf), their continuations in two parameter plane and analysis of cusp.

  • 2nd lecture: Jan Sieber. 5th May, Tuesday at 2-3pm, H-254. Analysis of codimension two bifurcations; degenerate Hopf (Bautin) and double-zero (Bogdanov-Takens).

  • 3rd lecture: Peter Ashwin. 12th May, Tuesday at 2-3pm, H-254. Bifurcation of limit cycles; fundamental matrices, Floquet multipliers and generic codimension one bifurcations of limit cycles.



  • 4th lecture: Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova. 21st May, Thursday at 2-3pm, H-254. Modelling of Chemical Reactions  ( InformalLectureSlides1 )

  • 5th lecture: Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova. 28th May, Thursday at 2-3pm, H-215. Models of Excitable Cells ( InformalLectureSlides2 )

  • 6th lecture: Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova. 4th June, Thursday at 2-3pm, Laver 320. Ca+2 Dynamics, Slow-Fast Analysis ( InformalLectureSlides3 )


  •  7th lecture: Harry Green. 11th June, Thursday at 2-3pm, H-254. Bifurcation Theory Applications in Theoretical Ecology with Parallels to the Laws of Mass Action in Biochemical Reactions. ( Lecture.pptx , movies )