Hello, my name is Lydia and today I’m going to be giving you my top 5 tips to combat loneliness while at uni!

1. First up for me would be planning a day trip with my friends. My favourite place to go is Exmouth! Sometimes it can just be nice to get out of the city and have a change of scenery!

2. Another great thing to do is get involved with societies! Last year I went to a barn dance with Christian union, so much fun! They’re great groups of people with common interests, so you’re bound to find people you get on well with.

3. Next up, why not go to a gig with your friends? I went to watch the 1975 with mine at the Westpoint Centre! Lots of memories were made and I was surrounded by happy people!

4. Similarly there is a great community feel at sports games, and there are so many going on in Exeter! So why not go along on a BUCS Wednesday and get supporting?

5. Finally, why not find a great student deal and go out for dinner with your mates? It’s a great way to treat yourself and get out of the house in an evening.

Remember you’re not alone at uni! There is loads of support available, and it’s normal to feel lonely sometimes.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll speak to you soon!