By Lydia, studying Marketing and Management

Hi everyone! 

Today I am bringing you some of my top suggestions for stretching your budget while shopping in Exeter, whether that is for food, clothes, or other random purchases! Changing my habits and shopping smart has really enabled me to save money while at uni. 

Plan Your Meals 

One error so many people make is overbuying food and then ending up having to discard it once it has gone past its best! To avoid this, I planned my meals each week and bought them based on the ingredients I would need. Not only does this reduce unnecessary spends, but it also stopped me from impulse buying whatever looked tasty in the supermarket! 

Use Too Good To Go 

What’s better than saving money? Saving the planet at the same time! I have purchased many ‘magic bags’ from the app Too Good to Go while I have been at university. Many eateries in the city are a part of the scheme and sell off perfectly good food which hasn’t been sold during the day. This means we students can get some tasty treats with an element of surprise at a reasonable price. The Marketplace on Streatham Campus has also become a part of the movement, meaning you can pick up a magic bag whilst heading home from Uni! 

Buy Secondhand 

When it comes to buying a new top for a fancy dress night out, or a household item such as a makeup mirror, I found great value at the charity shops in Exeter! It is a fantastic way to get new-to-you items while saving money and giving to charity! There are many charity shops on Sidwell Street which have some quirky and amazing finds if you rummage enough! 

Buy in Bulk 

Teaming up with your flatmates or friends means that you can buy items in bulk without them going to waste. Splitting the cost of household essentials like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and cupboard staples (we had a huge bag of pasta in our flat!) can significantly reduce your individual expenses and mean a lower cost per item. This leaves more room for spending on flat socials too! 

Remember, every pound adds up! Saving money in the small everyday purchases makes a huge impact on your overall spending over time. So shop smart, think twice when you spend, and be creative with your shopping!