Being a university student is filled with new experiences, personal growth, and social opportunities. However, it is also a time when financial responsibilities and constraints can cause stress and uncertainty. The University of Exeter has taken steps to help students. There is a range of initiatives and resources that help students save money, many of which students don’t know to exist! Today, I will delve into how the university can help you simply stretch your funds! 

Success for all fund 

Many students face unforeseen financial difficulties that impact their ability to study at university. The University of Exeter has created a fund in collaboration with alumni to achieve optimum inclusivity no matter your financial background! If you are finding that your expenditure is higher than your income (please see the website here for sources of income and expenditure), you are eligible to apply. Please, don’t feel ashamed of using this source of funds if you find yourself having to! It is there for a reason, and the university are here to help you! 

Budgeting skills workshops 

Perhaps something you would like to learn more about is how to manage your money. Not only is this super useful to know while at uni, but it is also a sensible life skill to equip yourself with for postgrad life! The Student’s Guild provides weekly workshops and one-to-one appointments if you would like to enrich your knowledge about taking control of your finances to remove anxiety around money while at university. 

Kitchenette facilities on campus 

Perhaps you are a lover of leftovers for lunch whilst at uni? Or, you enjoy a cheeky pot noodle every once in a while… well, there are many kitchenette stations scattered around campus where you can use hot water, microwaves and sinks to prepare your food! Personally, this saved me a huge amount of money as it is so tempting to purchase food on campus for lunch; having the option of taking leftovers meant that I didn’t spend unnecessary amounts on this, and I also minimised my food waste! Find out where the stations are located here

Meal deals for less 

A rise in student action for cheap, healthy meals on campus has really made a great impact on the affordability of food on campus! The Super Savour kitchen in Devonshire House contains a university-subsidised menu to allow students to purchase an affordable lunch! Each day, the hot dish of the day costs only £2, and a jacket potato and topping £2.99! You can find details of the dish of the day here – I would highly recommend the veggie chilli! In addition to this, the catered halls on campus offer a ticket entitling you to 7 meals in their dining halls for a fixed price. This is a brilliant way to ensure you are eating well whilst not spending huge amounts on Deliveroo to your halls! To find out how to purchase a ticket, have a look at the catered halls website

The university has taken great steps to decrease the impact of the cost of living crisis on students so make sure you are fully utilizing the resources and initiatives it has put in place! This will allow you to have a stress-free, fun and fulfilling student experience while not breaking the bank!