Hello again, future and fellow Exeter students! I’m Lydia, a final-year student based at the Streatham Campus. I love exploring the local area and soaking up the exciting nightlife at the University of Exeter. Like many of you, I love the freedom of socialising and exploring the city, especially as Exeter feels so safe and homely for a big city. So, let me be your guide on how to make the most of your uni experience while keeping safety in check. In this guide, I will delve into the various ways that the University of Exeter supports students in having a safe and enjoyable university experience.

University Initiatives: How Exeter’s Got Your Back

Estate Patrol

The unsung heroes of the University! Exeter’s Estate Patrol team are your on-campus guardians, maintaining a reassuring if you ever feel uneasy. Trained security staff are around the campus 24/7, ensuring a safe environment for students. My advice? Don’t hesitate to approach or contact them on 01392 723999. Their role is not just about security but also offering assistance when needed, for example when your uni halls fire alarm sounds at 2am! They work alongside local authorities and emergency service partners to provide safety and security advice from a professional perspective. What’s more, they are super friendly and welcoming, making them so easy to approach.

Estate Patrol – your Campus Security team

Free Personal Safety Products

Every student’s best friend. Drinks protectors, personal alarms and drink testers? Whilst it’s rare to need these items, they are absolute game-changers. The University’s got our backs with these little essentials that make a big difference. Keep an eye out for them and find out where to collect them HERE. Your future self will thank you for these small yet crucial items – they can make all the difference in a crowded social setting.

SafeZone App – A Digital Guardian

In the age of smartphones, safety is just a tap away. The SafeZone app is a valuable digital sidekick provided by the university, offering connection to security services whilst on any of the Uni campuses. With features like real-time location sharing and live chat, it’s a must-have for every student.

Explore the SafeZone app HERE.

SafeZone App

Safer Walking Routes

Illuminated paths and well-lit walkways contribute significantly to a sense of security. The university has designated Safer Walking Routes, ensuring that students can navigate the campus with confidence, even during the darker hours. Familiarise yourself with these routes on the map for future walks. They can be found by the green floor markings as seen below!

Discover more about Safer Walking Routes HERE.

Safer Walking Route floor markings

Safe Transportation

If your journey extends beyond campus, make use of reliable transportation options. Consider the night bus service, a collaborative effort between the university and Stagecoach, designed to ensure students have a secure journey home during late hours. Not only is it warm and safe, but it’s also cheap; you can get unlimited travel anywhere on the whole of the Stagecoach South West network for just £4!! Familiarise yourself with local bus routes and schedules. It’s not just about getting to your destination but also getting back safely! PS. Not having to walk home and being on a nice warm bus is a huge bonus as well…!


This student-run initiative provides a confidential listening service between 8pm-8am during term time. If you’re in need of a chat on your way home, some advice or reassurance, they’re on hand! The call handlers are all trained to help you with anything from relationship issues to general life stresses. A hand-made friend on the end of the phone! Contact them HERE.

Your Safety, Your Priority

So, after all this information and advice, I am hoping you feel reassured about your safety in Exeter and have some more awareness of how to remain proactive and utilise the resources the university has on offer to make sure you have the safest, most comfortable time on and off campus! After all, every aspect of uni life is made better when you feel safe and secure on campus and in the wonderful city of Exeter. Let’s ensure your time at the University of Exeter is memorable for all the right reasons, with safety as paramount on this incredible journey. Here’s to a safe and unforgettable uni experience!