Good morning everyone! Our applications for 2021/22 opened yesterday and our blog this week is providing you with some general information on everything you need to know about submitting an application.

We are aware that there have been long queues and wait times to get on to the accommodation portal. Remember that our accommodation for Undergraduates is not allocated on a first come, first served basis so there is no advantage if you apply whenever you apply between now and the 31st July.

Activating an accommodation account
Before you can apply for accommodation, you need to activate an accommodation account. Please ensure you have your nine digit student ID number ready. This is likely to start with a ’70’ or ’71’. It is also known as a ‘University of Exeter Reference Number’ and will be found on any University correspondence.

Our ‘how to apply’ webpage should provide you with useful information on how to activate an accommodation account and how to submit your application. If you are struggling to log in please check the following things:

Your offer: You will need to have accepted a firm offer to be able to apply for accommodation. If Exeter is your insurance choice then you won’t be able to apply until August once you have changed Exeter to your firm. Please note you may need to wait a couple of days after accepting for this to be updated on our systems.

Student number:  This is not your UCAS number, Exeter student numbers should appear on any correspondence and will be 9 digits long (it should begin with a 6 or 7 depending on when you applied for accommodation)

D.O.B: Ensure that you are entering your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYY

Name: It sounds silly but more often than not, students aren’t able to apply because they have written their name incorrectly! The name will have to match our records exactly so any double-barreled surnames can be a bit tricky! If you’re having problems with this then please get in contact so that we can get this sorted.

Password: Your password will need to be 8 digits long and with at least one uppercase letter and at least one number

I haven’t received my validation code yet?
Due to the high volumes of traffic our Accommodation syste, there can be a delay for your validation code being sent through. Please ensure that prior to applying you add ‘’ to your contacts list within your email. To find this email please check your Junk/SPAM folder. If after a couple of hours, this has still not been received, please contact us.

How do you allocate rooms?

Please visit our ‘Room allocation procedure‘ webpages for information on how we allocate students to rooms/residences based on the information they provide within their application forms. It also details the additional preferences which are listed on the application form to help us match you to the most suitable flat. We do read every single interest and note which you provide within your application in order to match you to a flat with people we think you’re going to get along with.

Is it compulsory to live in University accommodation in my first year?
Students are not required to stay in University accommodation at any point whilst they are studying with us. If you wish to look for private housing within the city then we recommend that you look at the following webpages for help and advice on where to look:

  • Student housing – offers advice on where to look in the city and what options are available
  • Living in the city– offers information on what support is available for students living within private housing
  • Studentpad– the University of Exeter student search engine for accommodation

Contact us:
If you need any support with your application or have any queries about accommodation then the Accommodation Office can be contacted between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday in the following ways:

Accommodation Shannon