For those of you that haven’t submitted an accommodation application yet, this blog is to remind you about our accommodation guarantee which ends on Sunday.

What is the guarantee?

We guarantee to make you an offer of accommodation if you apply by 31 July 2022 and are:

  • An undergraduate unaccompanied home, EU or international student who has firmly accepted an offer of a place at the University of Exeter entering their first year of study (i.e. Year 1).
  • An unaccompanied international postgraduate from outside of the EU, in your first year of study, for the full academic year starting in September.
  • An unaccompanied incoming study abroad or Erasmus student at studying at the University of Exeter for the full academic year starting in September.

What am I guaranteed?

Our offer of accommodation means that we guarantee to allocate you to a bedspace. Whilst we try to allocate you to your one of the choices on your application, due to high demand we are sometimes unable to do this. If this is the case you may be allocated to a residence that you did not necessarily choose. Many students find that even if , the information you provided on the application form will be used as a guide for the type of accommodation we offer you.

What if I don’t meet the guarantee?

We encourage you to make an application for accommodation so we have your request on record and can update on whether we have accommodation available.

Alternatively, you may wish to search for private accommodation in the city. Exeter has a large range of accommodation available for students. There are a lot of purpose-built private halls of residence, similar to student accommodation within the city which offer individual tenancies. Many of the private residences also offer social spaces and facilities where you can have the opportunity to meet other students. We have information on our website about the larger providers who operate within the city.

We also suggest Studentpad, an accommodation search engine administrated by The University. It contains a variety of properties from private landlords. It also includes a message board that allows you to speak to other students which can be incredibly useful as a way to find flatmates.

Whatever happens, we are here to support you in finding your new home and remember to contact us with any questions.

Accommodation Helen