Hello everyone. Today we have another guest post from Rebecca, who wrote about when she was applying for accommodation. This week Rebecca is sharing her experience of moving away from home and into halls.

“It’s difficult to know what to expect when moving into your university accommodation for the first time here in Exeter. I hope that in detailing my experience of settling into St Germans that I can make this process less daunting for incoming students. The most important thing to note is while it may seem overwhelming, living away from home and in university halls is ultimately so much fun!

While you may not have gotten your first-choice university accommodation, rest assured that the experience of living in halls here is pretty much universal. Wherever you are, you are sure to become more independent and confident and you’ll get to experience the freedom of young adulthood! It’s a great way to develop as a person and improve your skills in cooking and self-care.

I loved my time in halls. I found that by the end of our time in Lydford, St German’s, many of us had become a family away from home. Our flat had a kitchen and living room which both acted as wonderful social spaces. Even if your accommodation doesn’t have these spaces, rest assured that there are lots of pubs, cafés, parks and beaches to spend time in as well!

I have fond memories of setting foot in my new home for the first time. After putting down my suitcases I went straight to the kitchen and met a few of my new flatmates. A group of us then ventured into the city centre and picked up some essentials. You’ll find that since everyone is in the same position as you, your fellow flatmates will be open and keen to make new friends too! During our first evenings, we spent time together in the living areas in the block and appreciated the September weather on the grassy areas outside. The campus has lots of picturesque green areas!

We then started to make our own rooms feel like new homes and helped each other decorate our cork boards and shelves, sharing memories from our school years and childhoods along the way. We had meals together, sometimes making huge batches of food or baked goods to share with everyone. Whenever there was an occasion to celebrate, whether that be a birthday, Halloween, or Christmas, we would spend time making our living area fit for the occasion. This really helped the flat to bond! In St German’s we had beanbags and sofas to sit on which was great when getting friends together. We spent many evenings watching films and playing games and often got to meet each other’s friends from academic courses or societies!

Shopping for groceries and supplies for the flat was a great way to begin to get to know the city and our surroundings. Trips to the city centre or Exmouth beach are excellent ways to spend down time. It was also something everyone in the block was keen to do. You’ll often find opportunities to socialise with those around you as well as your flatmates. Not only is each accommodation building large, but many are also surrounded by other residences. Lafrowda, East Park, Rowe House, Lopes Hall and Pennsylvania Court were all within a few minutes of St German’s.

When studying is done for the day, cooking meals together and then playing games or watching films are some of my fondest memories from my time in first year. Each accommodation will begin to feel like a second home and building friendships with your fellow flatmates is a great way to immerse yourself in the wonderful student community!”

Thanks again to Rebecca for sharing her own personal experience. It is an exciting time and Arrivals Weekend will be here before you know it!

Until next time,
Accommodation Meridith