Wow! We’re really into August already?! It has been a very strange 2020 but we’re all doing so well! Today’s blog is going to look at what our team has been doing to prepare for A-level results day which is coming up next week on Thursday 13 August.

We’re here for you and we welcome our new teams:

Our Accommodation Team will be expanding from next week to help support you during this busy period and we welcome our new Communications Team who will be answering your telephone calls and emails. We will be available at the following times:

  • Thursday 13 & Friday 14 August– 8:00am – 8:00pm
  • Monday 20 – Friday 24 August– 09:am – 5:00pm

We will be confirming these times next week so please keep an eye out!

You can contact us via the SID contact number on 0300 555 0444 or by emailing:

We also welcome our Allocations Team who assist the Accommodation Office by helping to allocate students who have received their results to one of our rooms. We welcome both teams to the University of Exeter.

Accommodation offers

For those students who receive their results on the 13th and who will be joining the University of Exeter in 2020/21, as long as you have submitted an application for accommodation prior to our Accommodation Guarantee deadline of 31 July 2020 we will begin sending offers out from Monday 17 August.

We will update our blog with information on when these offers will be sent out. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page also. We strongly advise that you have access to your emails between Monday 17 August and the Arrivals Period as any notifications or offers from the Accommodation Office are sent online.

Applying in August/September?
We strongly recommend that you review our webpage which provides dedicated information and availability updates for those of you applying outside of our Guarantee.

Whilst it has been a year like no other, we have been planning and planning to ensure that we can offer you all the support you need.
We will also be having an additional 2 blogs a week starting on Monday to keep you updated will all you need to know during this exciting period.

Accommodation Shannon