Good morning all! We hope that you’ve been having a good week! Our guarantee deadline is starting to come closer (31st July) but you still have plenty of time to get your applications in before then.

 What stage is my application at?

Once you have submitted an accommodation application you will be able to track its progress online by logging in to your accommodation account and visiting the Applications section. Here you will see your application with one of the following statuses:

Status Description
COMPLETE BUT NOT SUBMITTED You have saved your application, which you can amend before submitting. Please note that you need to submit your application for it to be considered for allocation.
SUBMITTED You have submitted your application: it will be considered for allocation in due course.  You may review your application and make amendments by contacting the Accommodation Office.
SUBMITTED (on waiting list) You have submitted your application which has been added to our waiting list.  The Accommodation Office will have sent you an email to notify you of this, explaining why and with recommendations about your accommodation options.
PROCESSING Your application is being considered.
PROVISIONAL Your application is being considered and a bed space has been provisionally allocated to you.


Making changes

If you wish to make a small change to your application once it has been submitted (For example, if you selected that you don’t wish to live on the ground floor but now realise that you don’t have a preference) You can contact the accommodation office via or on 0300 555 0444. We can then add information to your application which will be considered by the member of staff who processes your application if we have not already allocated you a room. If you need to make a lot of significant changes, we would suggest that you delete and re-submit your application.

Can I change my preferences?

Our undergraduate applications for 2021/22 require 5 preferences of accommodation. Whilst, we can’t guarantee that you will get any of these choices we do look at them and try our best to accommodate you. If you find that you now want to make a change to what you originally put, you will need to delete and re-submit your application. As we do not allocate rooms in date order, as long as you do this by the 31st July then there will be no difference as to the likelihood of you getting one of your choices. If you change your mind after the 31st July, then please contact our team and we can add a note on to your application. However, at this point in the year, we may have already provisionally allocated you a room so please try to make any changes as soon as possible.

Deleting an application

To delete an application, you will need to log on to your accommodation account. Then go to ‘My Application and booking’  Select your submitted application from the list and click ‘view’ if you scroll down to the bottom of the page there will be a delete button, you may find that you are then unable to submit a new application so will need to contact the accommodation office team so that we can make sure you can re-apply for the same session.

We hope that this weeks blog has been useful for you all, please do let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

Accommodation Shannon