Good morning everyone!
The sunshine is really out in Exeter at the moment and with UK lockdown restrictions being lifted today summer is well and truly here for us. Today we’re going to discuss accommodation offers that have been going out and room numbers.

Offers for unconditional students

Many students will have now received an offer of accommodation. If you haven’t yet, please don’t worry! These offers were sent to students who have an unconditional status with Exeter. This may be because they deferred last year or already have their exam results (For example, International Baccalaureate students) If you have a conditional offer and Exeter is your firm choice then you will hear from us after results day once your place has been confirmed.

Accepting and rejecting the offer.

For those of you who have had an offer, we hope that you’re happy with it! If you are not then you are not under obligation to accept the offer, you can simply reject the offer and find alternative accommodation in the private sector. Remember that if you didn’t get your top choice, you won’t know what it is like until you get here. It may be that you were allocated somewhere you didn’t expect to live and when you do arrive you will find that you couldn’t have imagined living anywhere else! It is often the people and not the place that makes the experience.

If you have had an offer you should have been sent an email to prompt you to login to your accommodation account to review the offer and then you can choose to either accept or reject the offer.

There will be an expiry date for the offer of between 3-5 days.

If there are any issues with your offer or account then please do get in contact with us by emailing or by calling us on  0300 555 0444.

Room Numbers

If you have received an offer of accommodation then you should be informed which residence and block you are in. We cannot give out the exact room numbers until a week prior to arrival as they are all subject to change. However your residence and block will remain unchanged.

Enjoy the rest of your week !

Accommodation Shannon