Good Morning everyone!
We hope that you’ve all had a good week. Today we will be discussing self-isolation and quarantine arrangements for students for the coming year. Whilst we know that the situation is constantly changing and government guidelines are being altered along with this, we have set out some information so far about what we plan to offer.

Who will be offered self-isolation accommodation?

We will provide free accommodation to students who, under advice from UK Government, need to quarantine on arrival from Amber list countries or territories.

The accommodation will be available if:

  • You fall under the university‚Äôs accommodation guarantee and have accepted a contract meaning you are either:
    • An unaccompanied* home or¬†international¬†undergraduate who has firmly accepted an offer of a place at the University of Exeter by the entering your first year of study (i.e. Year 1) as a full-time student
    • An unaccompanied* incoming¬†study abroad or exchange¬†student studying at the University of Exeter for the full academic year starting in September.
    • An unaccompanied* international¬†postgraduate¬†in your first year of study for the full academic year starting in September as a full-time student. Note: You are defined as an international student if you pay¬†international fees.
    • An unaccompanied* incoming¬†study abroad or exchange student¬†studying at the University of Exeter for the full academic year starting in September.
    • *Unaccompanied relates to the student only and not those who wish to live with a partner and/or children.
  • You have chosen to live in university owned or managed accommodation
  • If you have met the criteria above and at the time that we process your booking for accommodation, you are due to arrive in the UK from a country or territory on the¬†UK Government Amber list¬†and are required to quarantine on arrival.

When and Where?

Our self-isolation accommodation will be free for any period between 23 August and 11 September 2021. If you arrive after this, your contract has started you will need to quarantine in your term-time accommodation and you will be charged your usual rent.

If we are providing you with self-isolation accommodation before your contract start date, please be aware that this may not be the same as your term-time accommodation.

How to book

you will need to apply for accommodation for your quarantine period via our¬†accommodation portal¬†and then select the ‚ÄėSummer 2021‚Äô icon followed by ‚ÄėEarly arrival application‚Äô. However, if you are booking an airport collection service with the University then you will be able to book self-isolation accommodation alongside your airport booking.

Students in private accommodation

If you have chosen to stay in private rented accommodation, we recommend that you contact your landlord to discuss if are able to arrive at your accommodation before the start of your contract. If this is not possible, you may need to book a local hotel for the period of your isolation at your own expense. Please see the university’s travel webpages for more information.

Thank you for reading today’s blog. Stay safe and ask us any questions that you may have!

Accommodation Shannon