Good morning everyone!
We’re now past the guarantee deadline which means that there is a slight change in your application for accommodation. Please have a read through today’s blog for more information.

Applying after the deadline

Students applying from 1 August will not be covered by our Accommodation Guarantee. This will include those students who are coming to the University of Exeter through clearing or those that have selected Exeter as their insurance choice. You can still apply for accommodation with us. However you can only do so once you have firmly accepted a place on a course. Please allow two days for all of your information to be transferred to the Accommodation Office and if you have any questions about your offer with the University, please speak to our admissions team.

If the University was your insurance or clearing choice or you’ve received a place through adjustment, you can apply for accommodation once your offer is confirmed.

Application procedure

Whilst we do our best to house as many new students as possible after the 31st July  we will process applications in date order of receipt from 31st. So as soon as you’ve firmed Exeter we encourage you to apply!

When you apply after the deadline, you will not be able to choose a specific residence as students applying beforehand will have. However, you will still be able to select 3 preferences of accommodation and you will be able to choose the type of accommodation you prefer (Such as the catering level, en-suite or standard and your contract length)

Once you submit an application for accommodation, we will provide updates to you via email and will advise you by the beginning of September if we are able to offer you accommodation. Our Accommodation Blog also provides updates and between August and September we will be posting these three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

What happens if you are unable to offer me University accommodation?

If we are unable to allocate you to University accommodation do not fret! There is plenty of private accommodation throughout Exeter.  we’ll advise you of alternative options so you can make your own arrangements for private accommodation in the city. There are a lot of purpose-built private halls of residence, similar to our student accommodation.

Accommodation Shannon