Our Accommodation Blog today is brought to us by guest-blogger, Helen Anderson from the Residence Life Team…

I remember the first time I was ill when I started living on my own.

I’ll be honest: it wasn’t much fun.

At home, my mum would have brought me cups of tea, and made sure I had anything else I needed like painkillers, honey and lemon, or hot water bottles. Now I had to sort those things out for myself, only… I was ill. And I didn’t have the things. And I really didn’t want to go out for them (or move at all, to be honest). Luckily I was able to phone a friend and plaintively ask her to go to the shop for me, but that’s how I learned my first tip: keep a few basic health supplies in your room.

Other things to think about:

  • It’s a good idea to register with a GP in Exeter as soon as possible. It’s much better to do it before you actually need to see a doctor, because if you’re feeling unwell the last thing you’ll want to deal with is a pile of paperwork. The Student Health Centre is located on the Streatham campus, and you can register online before you arrive. (Do it now!) If you’ll be based at Rowancroft, we recommend registering with the Heavitree Practice.
  • The Student Health Centre recommends Expert Self Care, a free app providing health advice for students available for Android and Apple devices. For more information visit the website or search for ‘Expert Self-Care – Student’ in app stores.
  • The Health Centre also recommends you make sure you’ve had the Meningitis ACWY vaccine before you come to uni. As a Fresher you’ll have the opportunity to meet tons of new people, which can be really fun and exciting but does also put you at higher risk of infection, so it’s best to protect yourself. If you haven’t had this vaccination, or are unsure, check with your GP. (If it’s not possible to get the vaccination before you come, the NHS recommend you should have it as soon as possible after you arrive.)
  • Finally, don’t forget to look after yourself! Freshers’ Week, in particular, can be pretty hectic and it’s easy to let good habits slip a bit – but your health will thank you if you remember to stay hydrated, get some exercise, and eat the occasional vegetable.

Realistically, you’ll probably feel a bit under the weather at some point during your year in residence, but if you follow these tips you should be well prepared!

Residence Life Helen