Good morning everyone!

It may feel like just yesterday that you were arriving for fresher’s week, but it is around this time of year that many students start to think about their housing for the next year. That is why over the coming weeks we’ll be running our Housing Campaign, with helpful tips and advice on the different aspects of private accommodation. We’ll cover everything from how to find compatible housemates, to the paperwork involved and working out your budgets.

Don’t hurry and consider all your options

You may have already heard from other students and even local letting agents that to find the house you want, you should begin your accommodation search early. But there is plenty of accommodation in Exeter and it’s better to take your time to consider all of your options and make the right decision, than to panic or rush and not find the right fit for you.

What’s available?

There are many different options for students after their first year and it isn’t always about finding a house. These include:

  • Renting a shared house or flat
  • Renting a single flat or apartment
  • Renting a room in a landlord’s house (lodging)
  • Living at home
  • Living in private residences. Unfortunately the University doesn’t have the capacity to house returning students unless there is a medical need but purpose built student residences are very similar to University halls.

Where to start

A good place to start is our After Your First Year webpage, which outlines many of the options and introduces you to some key things to think about when starting your search, including price, place, people and paperwork.

Here you’ll also find information about StudentPad, a search-based website which is administered by the University and lists properties and rooms from private landlords. You can search by different criteria and the site is updated regularly.

It’s a good idea to start thinking about more general questions you may have and take a look at the Students Guild Housing page to help you understand what it is you want from your accommodation next year.

Keep an eye out for further Housing Campaign activities, from our regular blog and newsletters, to the Accommodation Fair which is taking place in the Great Hall on 2nd December. This event will give you the chance to chat to landlords and Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSAs) as well as letting agents from the city. There will also be support services from the University including the Accommodation Team, Students’ Guild and Residence Life Team.

Further Support

Here’s how to get in touch with the Accommodation Team:

  • In person– at our drop-in sessions in the Forum, Streatham Campus. These run Monday to Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm throughout the rest of term one. Just head to the SID desk and ask to be added to the Accommodation queue.
  • Online– log an enquiry through SID Online or through the web or app version of iExeter
  • By phone– via SID on 0300 555 0444.

Have a great week and remember, don’t panic!
The Accommodation Team