Good morning everyone! This week we are starting to share our advice on finding who you want to live with. We want to encourage you to take your time in making this decision and to consider all of your options before rushing into anything.

Who do I live with?

Before you even start looking at potential houses, the first step is to establish who your flatmates will be. Renting a house for an academic year is a big financial commitment so thinking about it carefully now will pay off in the long term.

Finding housemates can be quite a personal journey and there are lots of options to consider such as:

  • Live on your own
  • Live with your course mates 
  • Live with your current flat mates
  • Society friends 
  • Mix it up and meet new people

We encourage students not to rush into finding a house, there are many different tools you can use to see if the people you want to live with are well suited to how you like to live. These include the Students’ Guild housing pages or our handy Who To Live With Guide. Take your time and ensure that you’re 100% certain of who you want to live with. After all, you will be living with these people for an entire year. 

Finding flatmates online

One way of finding flatmates is using our Studentpad website, which has a ‘roommate finder’ facility. Here, you can register your details in order to find other students who are looking to share private housing. So if you don’t know who to live with or if you want to broaden your housemate options take a look and register your details to find other housemates. You can do this via the Studentpad Message Board. This board is only accessible to students, so email us for the password via

The Accommodation Fair will be taking place in the Great Hall on 2nd December and this will also provide you with information on lots of options, in terms of living arrangements.

Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog.
We hope that it has been useful. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us!

Accommodation Shannon