Good morning everyone. It was a very breezy day on Streatham campus yesterday, but today the autumnal calm has been restored. Your university life has just begun and hopefully you’re beginning to feel settled into your new home here in Exeter. But you may be hearing on the grapevine that you need to start your search for accommodation for next year already…if that’s the case, please don’t panic – help is here.

Move Smart

The Move Smart campaign, a joint project between the University and Students’ Guild, has just launched and it’s all about helping you find somewhere to live after your first year. The main thing to realise is that there is a lot of accommodation available in Exeter and taking your time to consider all the options is the smart move.

 Help is here

Over the next term and beyond, you’ll find a wealth of relevant information through the campaign, including:

  • Place – Where to look, how to look and what to look for
  • Price – What you can afford, what your rent includes and the logistics of making payments
  • People – How to decide who to live with and how to find those people
  • Paperwork – There’s a list of paperwork that you need to carefully consider before agreeing to or signing anything. Don’t worry, our resources and advice teams can help.


We’ll have a range of drop-in events over the coming months involving teams such as the Students’ Guild Advice, Community Engagement, Residence Life and University Accommodation.

  • Ask questions and get advice on anything related to finding and moving into private accommodation
  • Find potential people to live with
  • Advice on settling in and integrating into life in the city

There will also be a series of pop-up events in the Forum with accommodation providers and landlords where you can find out more about the options available to you. Keep an eye on the Accommodation Facebook page for more details.

Find out more

Take a look at the University and Students’ Guild websites for advice, FAQs, videos and more.

So that’s an overview of the Move Smart campaign and hopefully some reassuring messages that there is support to help you transition from university living, when the time is right.

Wishing you all a great week.

University Accommodation Team