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    Month: December 2021

    Tickets on sale now for The Beat of Our Hearts!

    We’re thrilled to announce that tickets are now on sale at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre for our play, The Beat of Our Hearts, a tender and poignant exploration of LGBTQIA+ loneliness and belonging written by South West-based playwright Natalie McGrath. Getting to this stage has been a long time coming and, after the last couple of years, […]


    Poems by Sheena Sen: The Well of Loneliness

    After each of the workshops we conducted in the summer and autumn, we invited participants to submit any additional writing or creative work that they felt inspired to do after attending the workshops. One of our participants, Sheena Sen, sent us some wonderful poems and reflections on her experience of participating in the workshops, and […]


    I come from — part two

    In August we published our young people’s collaborative poem, ‘I come from’, which explored their feelings about belonging, and more broadly, aspects in their lives that have lived with them and which they felt they ‘came from’. These poems were inspired by Dean Atta’s poem of the same name. For our 26+ workshops, we repeated […]