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    Tickets on sale now for The Beat of Our Hearts!

    We’re thrilled to announce that tickets are now on sale at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre for our play, The Beat of Our Hearts, a tender and poignant exploration of LGBTQIA+ loneliness and belonging written by South West-based playwright Natalie McGrath. Getting to this stage has been a long time coming and, after the last couple of years, […]


    A young people’s manifesto for tackling LGBTQIA+ loneliness in the South West

    It might not immediately be apparent how loneliness can be a political experience, but for the young people who participated in our workshops in July, LGBTQIA+ loneliness was thoroughly political. Experiences of marginalization, isolation, and stigma which contributed to loneliness among our young people were often derived from factors relating to policy. So in our […]