Brief Intro

Resilience Alive is an ambitious project combining research, training and a resilience revolution/movement.

The research element investigates what are the most important factors that affect our resilience. Sometimes, those depend on stressors and context.

The training element offers a unique combination of tools, techniques and provocations based on over a decade of training experience. It combines evidence based techniques infused with ancient wisdom. Three interrelated processes underpin the resilience developmental journey: self-awareness, self-compassion and self-leadership.

The Resilience revolution essence is that WE ARE ALL NEEDED, all our gifts and our experiences are fundamental to keep RESILIENCE ALIVE. We will work with a strong sense of togetherness, belonginess and common purpose and we combine that with a deep honouring and celebration of our uniqueness. Whether you are at the end of your life, or at the beginning, whether you are an experience leader or a young student. YOU ARE NEEDED!

Why we call it ALIVE?

Three reasons:

  1. Our resilience level can change within a day, and learning what factors keep our resilience alive is priceless
  2. Our resilience is affected by the groups we belong to and that relationship is alive
  3. It is our dream, that this project will have life on its own and will travel to places and hearts which are yet unknown.

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