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    Poems by Sheena Sen: The Beat of My Heart

    Posted by rrov201

    10 January 2022

    In a second post featuring poetry by one of our workshop participants, Sheena Sen, Sheena gets to the heart of the project by personalising our project title and, indeed, the title of Natalie McGrath’s play. In her earlier poem, Sheena explores the emotions and thoughts tied up with experiences of loneliness. By contrast, ‘The Beat of My Heart’ is a heartfelt exploration of what motivates and drives the speaker. The beating heart is often a symbol of warmth, passion, and energy. In this poem, Sheena uses repetition and rhyme to create a closely packed and punchy piece that really moves us.

    This heart beats for Loyalty

    and too for acceptance

    with or without commonality

    it beats for simplicity

    in a world full of complexity


    for the sounds of my family

    for lost love and last loves

    for the lost and the found

    for kisses once dreamed of

    and gendered equality


    It beats for diversity

    to be brave and show courage

    in the face of adversity

    it beats to end prejudice

    and be fierce in the fight

    for all human rights

    like those who precede me


    It beats for memory of time

    for belonging and longing

    for all that is certain

    and all that is not it beats

    for the breath that rests

    between life death

    and freedom


    Asked to reflect on her poem, Sheena has added:

    I took the title of the play and thought about what it all is, what is the stuff we are made of in our beating heart of existence. Your project and research is valuable as it creates a space for the questions inside us. It allows space to breathe in integrity and with as much honesty as we have in us, when we express what it means to be lonely or to belong in a place or a family that expression is real . I felt like an imposter at the start of the sessions as my personal journey hasn’t been difficult and yet I realised I too have felt isolated and a sense of loneliness at one time in my life. I recognised others words were like mirrors as they resonated in the story of my life. It made me write.

    We’re very glad it did.


    To cite, please credit Sheena Sen.


    — Richard Vytniorgu

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